Programa Erasmus

O Programa Erasmus+ é um Programa da Comissão Europeia para a Educação, Formação, Juventude e Desporto a executar até 2020. A AFPDM trabalha com diferentes tipos de projeto de mobilidade, nas áreas da Educação e Formação e Juventude, enviando e acolhendo um elevado número de jovens de toda a Europa.

A AFPDM proporciona ótimas experiências de trabalho em Portugal, oferecendo:
Estágios profissionais em empresas / áreas diferentes
Transfers do aeroporto
Transporte para os locais estágio
Visitas culturais a diversos locais de Portugal aos fins-desemana
Acompanhamento e supervisão dos jovens nos estágios
O ERASMUS + tem como objetivos melhorar as aprendizagens no espaço europeu, promover a cidadania europeia e contribuir para que os jovens do presente sejam verdadeiramente cidadãos europeus no futuro, conhecedores das culturas e respeitando mutuamente os povos da Europa.

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the best way to get a Working experience in portugal!

Escola Profissional do Montijo – Associação para a Formação Profissional e Desenvolvimento do Montijo/ ( EPM- AFPFM) is a non-profit organization which is situated in the city of Montijo very close to Lisbon.

Since 2005, Vocational School of Montijo works in a close partnership with the City Council of Montijo through the Youth Office specialized in European Internships programs under the Lifelong Learning Programme and in youth projects under the framework of Youth in action.

We have a lot of experience in hosting participants under the mobility programme Leonardo da Vinci, having hosted a without number of groups from different EU countries over the last ten years.

We give to the beneficiaries that want to have work Experience in Portugal, good opportunities to develop their competences, skills, and professional knowledge, providing suitable work placements in the most different professional sectors.

We are interested in working with you either in your already approved mobility projects in 2017 or in your future mobility projects for 2018 to be submitted in the next call for proposals under the framework of the Programme Erasmus+.

The knowledge of our staff, about the people, customs, culture, gastronomy, history, is very important for our organization and provides a quality service to the participants during the mobilities.

Our main aim is to guarantee both a good work experience and a good social integration into Portuguese daily life.

We would be glad to provide you with further information and welcome you for a preparatory visit in our region.

We offer good prices for groups. Adapted to each budget.

Please check our brochure and video where you can find detailed information.

Hoping we will have a chance to cooperate in the future.

Associação para a Formação Profissional e Desenvolvimento do Montijo is your mobility partner!

Thank you

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About Montijo

Montijo is a young city full of life history and culture, only 30 minutes from Lisbon, Portugal capital. Just beside Tagus River Montijo has to offer to its inhabitants and visitors a good range of infrastructures, schools, library, hospital, theatre, cinema, shops, monuments, parks, restaurants, bars and cafes.

With a good net of local transports you can get to Lisbon by boat, car or public transport, go up north or south very easily regarding how close you are to the freeway.

Montijo tries to combine the river, the old and the new in a harmonic way promoting a good life quality to everybody by promoting and developing several sports, cultural artistic and international activities through the year.

Some of the most important economical activities in our country such as cork, wine and meat industry, agriculture, floriculture, commerce and services are exactly based here in Montijo, making them our main activities.

Regarding youth, Montijo is one of the councils that has several offers to his youngsters, where we can highlight projects with European dimension, youth exchanges, training courses, and seminars, among others, in order to stimulate their active participation inside their community, country and at an European level.


If you are interested in developing a Erasmus + project and have a great experience these are some things that you should take into account

As a Host Organization:

  • Reception of the participants on arrival
  • Supervision and mentoring
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Transport or public cards to placement organizations
  • Support the Portuguese host companies
  • Language course and certificate
  • Certificate Europass Mobility
  • Social program regarding our culture and patrimony
  • Information and support for everyday life during the program
  • Emergency contact person
  • Provide partners with all the information related to working placements, conditions and cultural differences
  • Publish and disseminate the most interesting results of the experience

As a Sending Organization:

  • Provide information from all the participants, in English
  • Provide all travel arrangements to the host organization
  • Get a health insurance to all participants
  • Provide European insurance Health card to all the participants
  • Provide the participants with information regarding the host organization, country, working conditions and cultural differences
  • Ensure that all costs are covered by Erasmus + grant
  • Publish and disseminate the most interesting results of the experience


Rua António Manuel da Silva, nº 43 loja B
2870-326 Montijo
Telephone: +351 21 232 78 78
Mobile: +351 91 486 74 32
Project Coordinator: Dra. Ana Marcelino


Rua José de Almada Negreiros nº 217
2870-442 Montijo
Telephone: +351 21 231 38 62
Mobile: +351 91 226 61 14
President of the Administration Board of AFPDM: Professor João Martins

A AFPDM é parceira no projeto europeu Sportsforall constituído por 3 países – Portugal, Espanha e Hungria com a referência 2015-3-ES02-KA205-007265

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